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Leslie, Jennifer, Pamela and Desiree


Medicare Annual

Enrollment Period

Ended 12/7/2022

Covered California & Direct

Open Enrollment Period: 

Ended 1/31/2023


Effective 10/1/2022

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services requires all Part D and MAPD calls to be recorded. Read more here.

What does this mean for our Senior clients?

When our clients call us, or we call them to discuss anything about a Part D (deductibles, prescription costs, payment methods, monthly premium, covered drugs, pharmacies, plan structure - anything at all) or MAPD, our phone calls must be recorded by a third party. Read more here.

What do we need from Senior clients?

In order to protect your information and our continued service to you, we must make the following changes. Read more here.

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