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2024 Birthday Rule Changes 


For the last 12 years, we have provided the courtesy service of reviewing each of our Medicare Supplement client's plans during their birthday month. We have come to realize over the last several years that the majority of our client's do not want to make changes and are most often happy with their current plans. 

For each client we review, it takes an average of two hours to research rate increases, run quotes for available plans, determine the new plans are not having any rate increases and to put together the paperwork for review. In order for us to streamline our process in this challenging economic climate, and to better serve our entire client base, we are suspending our automated birthday rule process.

What does this mean for you?


If you are one of our many client's who don't like to change, then you are in luck, because you don't don't have to do a thing! However, if you would like us to review your birthday rule, please give us a call, text or email the month before your birthday so that we can create a task to review your policy.

We appreciate your understanding as we transition to making this change at the beginning of 2024. Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of serving you!

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