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Covered California Open Enrollment

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Open Enrollment is beginning a little earlier this year with today being the first day you can make changes to your Covered California file with your agent. You must have all changes submitted by December 15th for a January 1st effective date. January 15th will be the cut off for any further changes.

We recently sent out your Open Enrollment renewal forms and it is important that you complete and return them to our office as soon as possible. A fillable version of this form is also available online.

People often do not return the forms because they believe nothing has changed in their household from the prior year, but you would be surprised how often income levels will fluctuate. It is our job as your agent to make sure we are reporting the most accurate household income for you as possible. If your income is under-reported, this will more than likely result in a take back during tax time. On the same hand if your income is over-estimated, you will usually get this back with your tax refund the following year. We do require this information in writing and it cannot be taken verbally over the phone.

While we understand how hard it is to estimate what your household income will be for the upcoming year, we ask that you make your best determination as we do need to report a figure and we can not suggest one for you.

All of the Covered California renewals are being worked in the order they are received. You will receive an email indicating what your current plan rate will be in 2019 as well as list of other available plans and their costs. Please respond to the emails as soon as possible so that we may process your changes and renewal.

If you prefer to stay as you are with no changes, your policy will automatically renew as is. Do keep in mind that if your plan has been removed from the service area you will be put on the most comparable plan for that same carrier.

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