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Medicare Part B Increases Premium

Medicare has announced that the "Part B" premium will increase by $1.50 next year. As of January 1st, 2019 your monthly payment will be $135.50. The annual Part B deductible is also seeing a small increase of $2.00, bringing the total amount to $185.00. The annual Part A deductible will increase by $24 to $1,364.00.

However, it has been reported by CNBC that about 2 million beneficiaries will pay less than the $135.50 premium for next year, due to the hold harmless provision that protects certain Social Security beneficiaries from paying more for their Part B premium. High earners are still getting used to the income-related surcharges that kicked in this year. The very highest of earners are facing another big increase for 2019, according to Forbes. Singles with an income of $500,000 and couples with $750,000 will see a 10.3% increase to their surcharge.

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