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Part D Open Enrollment

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Can you believe it is that time of year again? It seems like just yesterday we were rushing around, reviewing prescriptions, meeting with clients and faxing applications. Yet here we are again with Open Enrollment starting on October 15th and ending December 7th.

Have you ever wondered what exactly we do during Open Enrollment? Boy! Where do we begin? Would you believe we start prepping for this time of year as early as April? We refine forms and processes, update check lists and brain-storm about how to make the next year even better. We compose Part D Open Enrollment letters in July, print in August and have them mailed by September. It seems like we start a little earlier each year, but our goal is always to be as pro-active and as prepared as possible.

Each year we try to make the process more streamlined, both for you and our office. It's important to review each client's Part D plan, to make sure you are still on the most cost efficient plan for your prescription needs. While you might not have any prescription changes this year, the Part D carriers almost always have some sort of change --whether it be a contract with a pharmacy or an increase in monthly premium and deductible, so it is very important to review these plans every year.

You know what is even better about this process? It doesn't cost you a thing. This is a courtesy service we provide to all of our clients. If you are happy with your current plan, you don't have to change. We will still want to check the plans for you, just for our own peace of mind. We have had many new clients come to us paying hundreds more a year than needed because they were not on the most cost-efficient prescription plan.

While we are going through this busy time of year, we are also working on our every day tasks so sometimes it does get a little hectic in here! We do our best to respond to everyone as quickly as possible. While Leslie and I might be meeting with clients, Bethany and Pamela are doing their best to answer your questions as thoroughly as possible or to get detailed information from you so that when we call you back we are prepared. There is nothing worse that not being prepared! Well, there probably is, but not for an agent! We like to be on the ball.

If you do need to contact us during this time of year, there are plenty of options. You can email us, send a message through the site, or give us a call. Did you know we have a new function now that allows you to fill out your Part D Form on the website and also send it back to us? It's a great feature, please take advantage of it.

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