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Teladoc Offering Free Care to Residents Impacted by the California Fires

Rogers Benefit Group has just released the following information. This is such a wonderful benefit being offered to fire victims by Teladoc!

"Residents of areas affected by the California wildfires can request a call from a Teladoc physician free of charge by using this special hotline number:

(855) 225–5032

This service is available to all people affected whether or not they are current Teladoc members. Teladoc will connect affected residents with 24/7 access to care for many non-emergency illnesses, especially when they can’t get an appointment with their primary care doctor due to home displacement or medical offices being temporarily closed. Teladoc doctors can write prescriptions, when medically necessary, for new ailments as well as for ongoing medications.

Please note, current Teladoc members in affected areas should use the hotline above to receive services free of cost during this time. If they call through their normal channels they will be charged the standard visit fee."

For a list FAQs in regards to this benefit, please go here for English and here for Spanish.

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