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How-To Submit Your RX's Via Secure Upload

Don't need this much detail?

Go to Quick How-To here.

If you are looking at this How-To it means you are a current clients of ours who has received an email from our office to upload your prescriptions!

This is a very detailed, step-by-step instructional. We promise it is not as long or as complicated as it might look!

We appreciate so much that you are taking the time to upload your prescriptions for us. We have found that not only is this the fastest way to provide your information, but this also leaves a lot less room for errors or questions about your prescriptions! 

You will receive a system generated email that looks like the below. Verify it has your name after "Hello".


Make sure you have your prescription list in front of you before you begin; or your bottles handy. If you take generics, please input the generic name. 

Step 1. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 1.jpg

Once you have clicked on the link in the email, you will be taken to our secure portal. 

Step 2. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 2.jpg

Verify your information is correct. If anything is missing, please add it.


Check "I am currently enrolled or will soon be enrolling in Medicare."


You will only select "I am also enrolled in Medicaid" if you are receiving assistance from Medi-Cal & are considered dual eligible.

Step 3. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 3.jpg

Review the prescriptions that we have on file. Click the red X to remove if you are no longer taking a listed RX.

If no RXs are listed & you need to add some, skip to step 7.

Step 4. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 4.jpg

Click on the blue name for each of your prescriptions and review the following:​​​​

  • Strength and form. If this is wrong, uncheck the box & select the correct one.

  • Is your quantity is correct? Do you get 30 pills every month? 90 pills every three months?

    • If you do mail order, we will want you to select 1 month for your fills. The system will triple the quantity for you automatically

    • If you pick up every 90 days locally, please select every three months with the correct quantity.

Step 5. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 5.jpg

If you have more prescriptions, repeat the prior steps.

Step 6. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 6.jpg

Input the name of your prescription & click it.

Step 7. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 7.jpg

You will then see a pop up asking if you need to add other prescriptions. If you do, click yes and add each one.


When done, DO NOT CLICK "No, I am done". Simply scroll down to your newly added prescriptions. 

Step 8

MMQ Secure Upload CC 8.jpg

Repeat step 5. When done, click next.​

Step 9. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 9.jpg

Pharmacy page. Verify your address is correct. If not, please update it.  If your pharmacy is correct, you can click next.


However, if you would like to change pharmacies, add a 2nd or 3rd pharmacy OR you don't have a pharmacy added, go Step 11.

Step 10. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 10.jpg
  • To change your pharmacy, start by unchecking the one you do not want. You will then click in the field that has your address, or you will need add your address in again. 

  • This will bring up a list of local pharmacies near you. 

  • Scroll to find your pharmacy. You can add up to 3 pharmacies. 

Step 11. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 11.jpg

You will click no on this screen and skip to step 15, unless you are on a Medicare Advantage Plan (MAPD), or are interested in  one.


If so, you will want to input your doctors name. 

Step 12. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 12.jpg

MAPD Only:

Type in the city your doctor is located & the last name, & search. Find your doctor's name & select the radio button next to it.  It will not allow you to select more than one primary doctor. 

Step 13. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 13.jpg

MAPD Only:

If you do have a specialist, type in the city your specialist is located & the last name, & search. Select  the radio button next to your doctor's name.

Step 14. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 14.jpg

You can skip this page, or if you are interested in other benefits, you can select them.


For purposes related to your Part D Plan, we suggest only selecting "Mail Order Prescription Benefit" &"Diabetic Supply Benefit" if they apply to you.

The other benefits offered are related to MAPD plans & supplement plans.

Step 15. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 15.jpg

Verify your contact information is correct. Double check your preferred phone number!

Step 16. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 16.jpg

Review carefully. If you find an error , use  the Previous button at the bottom to make changes. 

Step 17. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 17.jpg

Click the check box and submit!  All prescription submissions will be worked starting 10/15/2022 in the order they were received.

We will be contacting you via email with our plan suggestions. 

Step 18. 

MMQ Secure Upload CC 18.jpg

Thank you!

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